The Climate

   The climate of SOMONTANO is ideal for the cultivation of olives and grapes. Located just about 250 km west of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea, the climate of SOMONTANO is mostly semi-arid. With an elevation of about 430 meters above sea level and an average of 300 days of sunshine per year with less than 450 mm of rain, the climate of the region is temperate and dry since this part of Aragon is sheltered from the cold northerly winds of the Pyrenees. The temperature varies greatly between night and day by the end of summer and in early fall, thus allowing the grapes to mature over a longer period of time, delaying the harvest period to maximize grape quality.

   Located at the foothills of the Pyrenees (pre Pyrenees) in a moderately fertile soil and quite hilly, vineyard soils are usually poor and consist of permeable limestone. Because of its semi-arid climate, grapes of exceptional quality can be grown in SOMONTANO. As it does not rain very often, most vineyards of SOMONTANO are irrigated by water from melting glaciers of the Pyrenees; the water is pure, crystalline and supplies, in addition to farmland, cities and surrounding villages. This is an ideal climate for growing grapes...